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Dining has become more than just a room, but an act of gathering. When you come together with your friends and family what senses are engaged? 


Design Within Reach About a Stool 33

Keep your stomach full and your tush happy with these beautiful stools. This stool features a gently curved backrest and sculptural wooden legs that strike a quiet elegance.

Year and Day Dip Bowls

Is anybody else here a sucker for cute bowls? These chic, low-edged dishes have us finding any excuse to dip! They also come in single color sets or one of...

Newly Glassware

These glasses are handmade and mouth-blown by Spanish artisans from 100% recycled glass - need we say more? Lux feels, but they’re sturdy enough for everyday use!

Snowe Flatware

You know it’s good when flatware makes you feel a certain way. The sight and touch of these forks, spoons, and knives will add a little extra to any meal...

Fable New York Tableware

Committed to all the design and function with none of the waste, Fable New York Tableware centers a consciousness around Tableware that does good on the environment and looks great...