Discover New Products Weekly

The first half of our nightly routine is complete (check out last week’s email!), and it’s time to put on our comfy pj’s and jump into bed. Winding down, slowly disconnecting from the outside world, and reconnecting with yourself can be extremely freeing. 


Enjoy that feeling of relief as you power down your phone, shed your clothes, and slip into the rhythm of your routine. Create your sweet escape from the outside world with products that shift the senses from chaos to comfort, and most importantly, back to you!         


Drift away to the sights, sounds and soft embrace of slumber with this week’s multi-sensory products:


Bed Bundle

Deep sleep starts with the comfiest and coziest of blankets. Wrap yourself in these warm, fluffy covers and rest your head on the soft, pillowy cloud that will take you to dreamland.



Nothing is more frustrating than realizing you left the light on after tucking yourself into bed. Instead, watch the setting sun from the comfort of covers with the soft glow from the Loftie Lamp. Easily change the color, tone and brightness so you wake up to your perfect, personal sunrise. 


Flowers with Powers Puzzle

Thoughts can get a little loud before bedtime. Even though falling asleep to the sounds of reruns is tempting, it might not be the best thing for getting the most out of your R&R. Quiet your mind through your sense of sight and touch by completing this super simple and beautiful flower puzzle. Listen to the soothing sounds of white noise or sleep-inducing stories from your Loftie Clock as you finish up your final activity before bed.  

Osea Vagus

Nerve Calming Oil + Pillow Mist

Aromatherapy is probably the closest we have come to making magic. Try casting this sleep spell by spraying the Pillow Mist on your pillow right before bed. We love smelling the earthy notes of the mist as we gently massage the Vagus Nerve Calming Oil into our skin.  


Sleep Mask

Surprisingly, staring at the ceiling has not changed much since childhood. Sensory overload can still get the best of us, even after an especially relaxing nightly routine. See less and feel more as the weight of the cooling microbead pods fill the contours of your face with this unique sleep mask from Nodpod. It’s like cozying up with your favorite weighted blanket, but for your eyes!