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Oura Ring

The sight of this ring is perfect for someone that appreciates great accessories, tech and their health. It’s a sleek, ultra-lightweight wearable ring that monitors sleep and activity levels.

Boxed Water

Did you know that Boxed Water now comes in flavors? When we are in full glow-up mode we grab the lemon flavored water to create that spa-like taste as we...

Saltair Deodorant

Finally, a natural deodorant that smells and feels great on the skin. We are partial to the seascape scent right now as we are craving those ocean vibes. Also, we...

Bala Bangles

These wildly versatile weights are baby soft to the touch and can be worn on your wrists or ankles – as they say, "the world just became your gym."

BKR Water Bottle

We have been a fan of the BKR reusable water bottle since day one and now it has become a necessary travel companion. We love the taste of cold water...