Photo of a lavender to evoke the sense of smell. Photo by Insung Yoon, Unsplash.


The olfactory bulb is near the hippocampus and amygdala, making smell closely linked to memory, emotion, and the way you immediately interpret your world. Your nose can detect approximately 10,000 odors and we’ve sniffed out a few of our favorites. 


Eucalyptus, morning coffee, peeling an orange, freshly laundered linens, bodega flowers, soup cooked for you when healing, your mother’s favorite recipe,  someone you love’s shirt. 


Below we’ve carefully curated products proven to stimulate your sense of smell and that easily integrate into your daily routine.

Our Favorites for Smell

Vitruvi Move Diffuser

Vitruvi describes their Move diffuser as, “portable beauty” and we couldn’t agree more. But while the sight of the diffuser is incredible, we’re here to talk about the flexibility and…

Virtuvi Grapefruit Essential Oil

No matter where your knowledge space is located, don’t forget to consider your sense of smell. We find when we are tapping into learning new things that this Grapefruit scent…

Spoken Flames Focus: Sensory Candle

Settle in, pick up your favorite night read, and set the scene for sleep with this multi-sensory candle. Watch the flames dance, hear the wick crackle and smell the soothing…

Alo Yoga Magnesium Reset Spray

After a long and well-deserved soak, set yourself up for a night filled with deep, luxurious sleep. Relax and reset your sense of smell instantly with soothing magnesium, valerian, arnica,…

Noto Botanics The Essentials Kit

Make your night skincare routine simple and effective with this kit. From the wash, scrub, and serum or the WSS as we like to call it, your sense of smell…

Alo Head-To-Toe Glow Oil

The perfect combination of smell and touch, this ultra-rich and quick absorbing oil works to hydrate and lock in moisture for an all day glow. And the sight of…
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