Photo of a silk to evoke the sense of touch. Photo by Susan Wilkinson, Unsplash.


Get in your feels. Touch helps us receive information about our internal and external environments. Aside from communicating and connecting with others, healing touch benefits circulation, immune function, and mental health. 


The inside of your favorite tee, a soothing facial cleanser, cashmere in the fall, freshly shaven legs, a just-cleaned comforter.

Below we’ve carefully curated products proven to stimulate your sense of touch and that easily integrate into your daily routine.

Our Favorites for Touch

Bearaby Cooling Weighted Blanket

Every home needs a snuggly blanket like this one from Bearaby which is great all year round. It’s a cooling weighted blanket that is comfortable but also proven to help…

Avocado Organic Mattress

This mattress is spectacularly luxe and organic! As you lay down to prepare for a great night of rest your body will thank you as you’ll be supporting by 17…

Oura Ring

The sight of this ring is perfect for someone that appreciates great accessories, tech and their health. It’s a sleek, ultra-lightweight wearable ring that monitors sleep and activity levels.

Brentwood Crystal Cove Bundle

This is the perfect set to flow in your home including a meditation cushion, yoga bolster, and Pranayama cushion. As you center your mind, these cushions will mold to your…

Naadam Recycled Cashmere

Admittedly, it took us a minute to invest in our first cashmere item, but once we did there was no going back. Now, Naadam offers a recycled version of some…

Parachute Percale Bed Bundle

Deep sleep starts with the comfiest and coziest of blankets. Wrap yourself in these warm, fluffy covers and rest your head on the soft, pillowy cloud that will take you…

Wildling Aura Sweeper

Soft PJs, meet even softer skin. This body brushing tool is designed to help stimulate lymph flow, boost circulation, and energize the skin. Dry brushing assists in stimulating the circulatory…
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