Photo of an ocean to evoke the sense of sound. Photo by Colby Ray, Unsplash.


Since ancient times, humans have used nourishing vibrations to send signals of harmony and deeply soothe the mind and body. Sound is vital to how we communicate and create our physical reality. We’ll tell you what you want to hear. 


Rainfall, wind through the leaves, waves rolling on the sand, a motivating mantra, that song playing in your first car with the windows down.

Below we’ve carefully curated products proven to stimulate your senses through sound and that easily integrate into your daily routine.

Our Favorites for Sound

Sonos Ray Soundbar

This is a no fuss way to add incredible sound throughout your space, whether having light beats in the background while you read, jamming to your favorite artist while you…

Loftie Alarm Clock

When “loftie” dreams of a good night sleep become reality. This clock comes with updatable soundscapes, meditations, and bedtime stories. Our favorite feature is the two-phase alarm that mimics…

Newly Glassware

These glasses are handmade and mouth-blown by Spanish artisans from 100% recycled glass – need we say more? Lux feels, but they’re sturdy enough for everyday use!

Calm App

We are big lovers of the sounds from Calm app and so we’re gifting our faves a subscription so they can unwind and ground themselves into a state of calm…
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