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We know that you thrive from the inside out. So whether you’re taking time to better get to know yourself or expanding your knowledge outside of that, you need a sense-inspired space. Take a moment and think about where that space may be in your home. Now, think about how you use that space? What senses are activated? 

This week, we’re sharing five products to make your knowledge space multi-sensory. 

Brentwood Crystal Cove Bundle

This is the perfect set to flow in your home, including a meditation cushion, yoga bolster, and Pranayama cushion. As you center your mind, these cushions will mold to your body.

Fully Remi Standing Desk

We were on a mission to find a desk that is flexible to our changing workspace and good for the environment – thank you, Fully. This desk is sure to keep your workspace organized and peaceful—these are the keys to creating a workspace that brings out the best in you.

womb chair within modern living room by design within reach

Design Within Reach Womb Chair and Ottoman

Sometimes we just need to kick our feet up to snuggle in with a good book and this chair and ottoman are perfect for just that. Cozy into this chair that perfectly facilitates a relaxed posture.

Virtuvi Grapefruit Essential Oil

No matter where your knowledge space is located, don’t forget to consider your sense of smell. We find when we are tapping into learning new things that this Grapefruit scent from Vitruvi gives us an instant smile. Bursts with fresh, bright, and happy aromas.

The Sill Plants for Beginners

Admittedly, we’ve been known to kill and plant or two leaving a bit of an eye sore and feeling of regret, but The Sill changed all that! They’ve identified great plants for beginners and will ship them directly to you bringing nature into your space.

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