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Just like you, your home can thrive too (or at least help you thrive even more!). To do so, your home, whether an apartment shared with friends, condo, or house, should be multi-sensory. Consider all five senses as you go through your home and pay close attention to what makes you feel great and what things don’t. Keep the items that lift your mood and swap out those items that don’t. 

Below we’ve curated five sense-inspired products that can help you and your home thrive!

Thistle Meal Delivery

Get a great taste delivered directly to your door. These meals by Thistle are healthy and designed by nutritionists. Their globally inspired menu takes you away to far places and memories from the comfort of your home.

Bearaby Cooling Weighted Blanket

Every home needs a snuggly blanket like this one from Bearaby which is great all year round. It’s a cooling weighted blanket that is comfortable but also proven to help ground you for a better sleep and help make you feel calmer, naturally.

Sonos Ray Soundbar

This is a no fuss way to add incredible sound throughout your space, whether having light beats in the background while you read, jamming to your favorite artist while you get ready for a night out, or immersing yourself with spooky sounds from your favorite horror moving this season, this speaker delivers.

Vitruvi Move Diffuser

Vitruvi describes their Move diffuser as, “portable beauty” and we couldn’t agree more. But while the sight of the diffuser is incredible, we’re here to talk about the flexibility and versatility of taking a desired scent into any room. Essential oils also make it easy to change your scent for your desired mood. 

Pickelson Paint

Painting should be easy and satisfying. But it often ends up involving countless hours traipsing around a DIY shop, mismatched colors… On top of all of that, it’s expensive, bad for the environment and can be toxic – not with these paints! So change those colors and start thriving.

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