Like physical and mental health, you need to invest in your soul health. There is no visible sight into your soul energy so how do you tap into it? You start with your senses.

Partner with SenseForward to be among the first to embrace Soul Health and unlock your team’s full potential.

An evolving world, means an evolving soul.

Soul health starts in your cells – your DNA – and is the center of your energetic being. Your outside environment impacts those cells and ultimately how you feel. That’s why we believe that you must observe the environment around you with intention – start living outside in.

Our process of a SenseForward lifestyle starts with living from the outside back to the inside. We like to call it the OutsideIn process.

The benefits of a SenseForward Lifestyle:

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Increases energy
  • Creates focus
  • Improves employee satisfaction
  • Boosts creativity

Result: You will have more meaning and deeper connection to your life at all levels. Yourself, your environment, and your relationships.

how we can work together

It’s new, it’s the future, it’s Soul Health. Be among the first to embrace Soul Health with these simple, yet effective starting points.

coffee chats

When your employees know how to activate their senses they perform better in their personal and professional lives. Coffee chats with Founder Pam Buchanan are educational, fun and enlightening discussions on how to become more mindful of your five senses. She’ll provide easy to implement habits proven to reduce anxiety, increase focus, and bring more joy and understanding of how your environment affects you.

workplace environment review

We’ll assess your workplace environment and provide actionable recommendations to integrate the five senses helping you accomplish each area’s goal from focus to fun to calmness.

home environment review for employees

The future of work has forever changed, which means how we support our teams must too. Like the workplace environment review, we assess home offices and spaces to engage the five senses for more productive and happier WFH team members.

developing RAD curiosity

When you have RAD Curiosity, you’re better armed to control your environment to achieve optimal thrive level. We provide the tools to Review and Activate your five senses to fully Develop the curiosity needed to unlock your best selves. We explore how you view the world, your immediate environment, and more to expand and grow personally and professionally.

sense sessions

When your employees know how to activate their senses they perform better in their personal and professional lives. We offer out-of-the-box and custom collaborations – Sense Sessions – sure to engage employees and help optimize their soul health.

want to discuss what option
might be right for you?

SenseForward combines Founder Pam Buchanan’s curiosity for innovation with self-exploration to discover the benefits of learning simple acts to manage and elevate your personal and unique energy. While climbing to success over the course of 25 years she was able to optimize her personal and professional performance by intentionally activating her five senses in any environment. Now, she is on a mission to help businesses and individuals do the same through Soul Health.