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It’s no secret that fall is romanticized by many. In the wake of August some people mourn the close of Summer (true!) but there’s a powerful shift that starts to take place in our surroundings as we start to anticipate the beginning of Fall and the associated coziness and magic of the impending holiday season. Especially for those who live in regions that experience multiple seasons, there’s a “readiness” that sets in as we change our wardrobes, make plans with friends, post-summer travel, and (safely) gather indoors. There are obvious Fall associations – anything pumpkin flavored, farmers market produce, the smell of pine and leaves crunching beneath us on our daily commutes.

But some less obvious Fall favorites that far exceed the aforementioned (in our opinion) are absolute game changers:

  • Touch – The BlanketBlend Hoodie by Feat: Imagine the softest blanket you’ve ever wrapped around yourself, and how it made you feel. Well, friends, this is softer. This hoodie manages to be just the right amount of thick, lightweight and breathable – it’s like wearing a hug. Especially as we adjust to the changing temperature, this hoodie makes the cooler mornings more manageable, and the evenings all the more cozy. Plus, there are so many designs and colors offered, and many have matching sweatpants available so you can rock a full set. We’ll be practicing some major self control as we resist buying every color.
  • Sight & Taste – The Our Place Always Pan: PSA for all cooks and non-cooks: This is THE kitchen item you must have – the only piece of cookware you really need while still having the option to fry, sauté, steam, blanch, whatever else you can do in a skillet/pan, etc. Not only is this piece of magic aesthetically pleasing, but it comes with a spatula and spoon rest and is very compact. A major part of fall nostalgia are the associated tastes — and you can pretty much use this item to bring out the best flavors without spending too much excess money or driving yourself nuts with kitchen gadgets. Dishes on our tables this month have been pumpkin and squash soups, mushroom risotto, apple pancakes, and sautéed brussels sprouts – just to name a few. Are you impressed? Honestly, so are we…and most of us live in small city apartments with little cooking experience. But you’d never know 😉
  • Smell – The Laundress Delicate Spray: You may have seen previous hype about this product, but it’s because we just can’t get enough of it. As Fall rolls around it serves a new additional purpose, however. We like to switch up our wardrobes as the seasons change and that means summer shorts, shoes and general lighterware goes back into storage and the warmer items come forward. Here’s a tip to keep your items smelling clean and fresh in every stage, regardless of the season: lightly spritz with the Delicate Spray and pat yourself on the back for applying an all natural antimicrobial solution prior to long-term storage, or to freshen up what you unpack. We like to use it in our drawers and closets too.
  • Sight & Smell – The Slow Burn candle by Boy Smells: This chic little item has a place in our homes this October, and is the perfect addition to a long day working remote, or setting the mood for an evening happy hour with friends. Yes, this is a candle, but it’s also a statement piece. The color, label, and warm glow make this a home accessory you want to have on display. We love the “beautifully complex wood scent where incense, black pepper and guaiac take center stage with whiffs of embers in the distance. A little dank, a little crisp,” as the description says. It’s just poetry for your nose. Elevate your mood while feeling relaxed.

Keep checking in for more of our favorites this Fall, especially as we approach the colder days – we’ll be on the lookout for more sensory masterpieces and in the meantime, send us a message if you have something to share!

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