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Our Gifting Time of Year series curates the perfect gifts based on your five senses: Touch, Taste, Smell, Sound, and Sight.

Next, we’re focusing on sensible gifts for sight. Your sense of sight helps you receive (and perceive) information about yourself and your environment. Help the special person you’re gifting to surround themselves with a visual field that calms, stimulates, and inspires will trigger a response felt from the cellular level to the soul—literally changing their outlook.

During the holidays, we’re thinking of seeing falling snow that turns into a blanket of white (no matter where we are), festive colors and decorations, brightly wrapped gifts, and smiles on the faces of the people we love. Giving a gift that changes the way we look at our world can bring us to a space that calms, excites, or inspires—and there’s nothing like the gift of seeing a bit more beauty in the everyday. 

Gifting the sense of sight Here are our top picks: 

  1. Charlotte Tilbury The Look of Love Kit

We know it might seem a bit counterintuitive, but when it feels like the Ever-flattering tones with a subtle sparkle—this is the gift that’ll have them glowing inside and out. This instant-look makeup kit features a 7-shade makeup palette, lipstick, lip liner, and lip and cheek tint. Sometimes showing a little love for someone is all in the gift of self-love. And the right makeup look is about so much more than looking good—it’s about feeling good. When we tune into sight, it’s not just about how we see the world around us, but it’s also about how we see ourselves (and some of us like to see ourselves with a little pop of color). Get empowered, play with color, and bring out the inner makeup artist.

  1. Static Nails

Looking for a gift that keeps giving? Go with nails that keep nailing it. The innovators at Static Nails perfected the reusable, pop-on manicure. You can have a non-damaging manicure in seconds—and last for seasons. Yep, you heard us. These nails make the perfect alternative to gels and acrylics by instantly adding the perfect length and shape without the commitment, damage, or dry time. A great gift for the busy ones on your list—that way they can still go 100 miles a minute while looking 100%.

  1. Missoma Rings

Layer up (but we’re not just talking about sweaters this time—you’ll have to check out our touch post for all the feels). Missoma is all about layering and stacking pieces that are as beautiful as they are impactful. This is perfect for the person on your list who’s all about the “look good, do good” lifestyle. They offer sustainable, recycled metal pieces that give back to help support their workers, local communities, and other intentional initiatives. What’s more “in the holiday spirit” than gifting and giving back?

  1. Nix Color Sensor

Turns out the science behind weighted blankets applies to your eyes Give the gift of color—and the spot-on accuracy of it. No more guessing games with Nix. This fun little gadget can literally capture the color of a houseplant, a piece of exposed brick, or whatever your heart (or eye) desires. Think Shazam but for “oooh pretty” objects. Color shapes the world around us and the right shades can have the power to soothe, stimulate, and everything in between. Whether you’ve got an artist in your life, a techy, or someone who could benefit from having a more supportive environment through the lens of color, this is an innovative gift to explore.

  1. Monos Suitcase

Got a minimalist on your list? Or an adventurer with a case of wanderlust? This is the case for them. Sometimes when it comes to the perfect suitcase, less is more. Monos Suitcase’s designs certainly adhere to that with an appreciation for the beauty of timeless designs that are made with quality and intention. And with sustainability in mind, they’re minimal (yet impactful) on the eye and on the planet. The name is inspired by the Japanese concept of mono no aware—the profound appreciation of the beauty in fleeting moments. With an easy-on-the-eye suitcase, and endless sights to see around the world, we couldn’t envision a better gift for our jet-setters.

Next week, we’ll be sharing our favorite gifts for activating the sense of smell and sound in our Gifting the Sense series. 

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