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Here at SenseForward, sensible gifting revolves around the five senses we use to elevate our everyday. Our Gifting Time of Year series curates the perfect gifts based on your five senses: Touch, Taste, Smell, Sound, and Sight. If you’re looking to enhance the way a loved one sees their world or a gift with all the feels, check out our previous posts on sight and touch

Today’s focus is on sound—and we have a few ideas for what the people on your list might want to hear. 

At this time of year, sound is about more than vibing to our catchiest holiday playlists we’ve been waiting to unapologetically belt out all year long (outside of our cars and showers). Cue: “Walking in a Winter Wonderland”, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”—or whatever floats our boat-shaped ornaments, lights our candles, and gets our friends and families together in the spirit of whatever holiday we’re celebrating. During the holidays, whether you’re listening to the holiday genre or avoiding it, the right sounds can be key to finding peace and harmony in each other or in ourselves.

Since ancient times, humans have used nourishing vibrations to send signals of harmony and deeply soothe the mind and body. Sound is vital to how we communicate and create our physical reality. Whether the gift is for a know-their-soul BFF or tougher-to-read relative, we’re big believers in easy-on-the-ears gifts that do all the talking (in very simple, soothing ways). 

Gifting the sense of sound. Here are our top picks: 

  1. Sonos Roam Portable Speaker

Give the gift of the music they love wherever they like it. From the home to the handbag and wherever their heart desires, Sonos is ready to roam along on any listening adventure. We’re loving this portable speaker for long Spotify sessions, binging podcasts and audiobooks, and beyond (thank you, rechargeable battery that lasts hours). And it can all be linked on Wifi and controlled with voice and through the app. With a refined design that can sit on all sides and rugged durability that’s primed to play on all terrains—this is truly ready for the soundtrack of our lives. Sonos Roam—if you want to (because although this is a go-to gift, we have a feeling you will want one too).

  1. A Custom Spotify Playlist

Throwback to the days of mixtapes made with love and “hey, let me burn you a CD”. A customized Spotify playlist is the digital equivalent—and is voted most likely to win “the thought that counts” award this holiday season. What counts more than knowing what they want to hear when they’re riding with the windows down? Hitting their stride on the first jog or the week? Dancing and singing into a pot of boiling pasta? Or needing the comfort of music while in the pillow-hugging or window-gazing feels? 

  1.  Calming App Subscriptions

A gift that’s more than thoughtful, it’s mindful. Soothe their senses and support a more peaceful lifestyle with a subscription to a calming, meditation app. Studies are showing that many people feel significantly less stressed after using meditation apps for as little as two weeks. We’re loving Calm and Headspace. Is there someone on your list that could use a little more peace and quiet? Hint: Any parent. Especially yours if you’re looking to make up for the years of elementary piano lessons, playing “rockstar” on the pots and pans in the kitchen, “HEY MOOOMM” cries through the house, or the general noisiness of growing up. Regardless of who we are, we can all benefit from a little more peace and calm in our lives. Give the gift of peace—who knows where else it’ll spread?

  1. Snooz White Noise Machine

We’re all about hitting the Snooz—but this time in a really good way. Studies suggest that white noise machines can reduce the time it takes to fall asleep. And all science aside, the Snooz machines look sleek, chic, and ready to make moves if you want to. Give the gift of the sleep of their dreams, it’s one they’ll be thanking you for every morning.

  1. Know Headphones

Get in the know and give the gift of expert, noise-canceling headphones that look as good as they sound. Hush® Active Noise Cancellation technology was created to be effective anywhere and everywhere the day takes us, and to keep the racket of our environment out. We did the math—and that means you get all the sounds you want and none of what you don’t. Plus, this gift is about more than sounding and looking good, it’s about doing a little good too. Know donates a certain portion of proceeds to support children in public schools—so you can move forward knowing you’ve done a little good too. Give a gift that gives back. 

Next up, we’ll be sharing our favorite gifts for activating the sense of smell in our Gifting the Senses series

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