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Here at SenseForward, sensible gifting revolves around the five senses we use to elevate our everyday. Our Gifting Time of Year series curates the perfect gifts based on your five senses: Touch, Taste, Smell, Sound, and Sight. If you’re looking to enhance the way a loved one sees their world or a gift with all the feels, check out our previous posts on sight, touch, sound, and smell.

Like our sense of smell, taste is also closely linked to our emotions because both senses are connected to the involuntary nervous system. We use taste to decipher what we need to feel both satisfied and nourished.

At this time of year, it’s all about savoring the moment. We’re loving the taste of home-cooked meals, comforting soups, indulging in decadent holiday desserts, and keeping warm while sipping on hot coco, coffee, and tea. The foodies on our lists are getting excited to host and roll out their favorite holiday recipes (while we’re happily rolling out of their homes). If the way to their heart is through their stomach, we’ve got the list of gifts that will support them in keeping their minds, bodies, and souls feeling loved and nourished all year long.

Gifting the sense of taste. Here are our top picks: 

  1. Jot Ultra Coffee

We all have someone on our list with an existence that’s fueled by coffee at all times. Even if you don’t, you might just convert someone with quality this good. Jot Ultra Coffee says they’ve got the “massive taste” with “minimal waste”, and we say that’s a win-win. This pure concentrated form of liquid coffee is sourced from the highest quality organic, ethical, and sustainable coffee beans from Central and South America. They’re calling it the purest form of coffee, but we have a feeling your coffee-lover will call it the purest form of bliss. A tablespoon is all you need to mix with any liquid—so we’re swapping our cup of Joe for a tablespoon of Jot.

  1. Fable New York Tableware

Committed to all the design and function with none of the waste, Fable New York Tableware centers a consciousness around Tableware that does good on the environment and looks great in our kitchens. Bring a sense of style and sustainability to each dish. It’s a gift they’ll remember whenever they’re cooking for loved ones or practicing the art to nourish themselves with a little self-love.

  1. Snowe Flatware

Elevate their everyday with expertly-shaped Italian stainless steel and a flatware gift that’ll do anything but fall flat. If they’re a foodie or someone who appreciates elegant, innovative design, this is the gift. Whether hosting fun dinner parties or curled up alone on the couch binging TV with their nose over their favorite comfort soup, these unique utensils will always be a beautiful part of savoring the moment.

  1. Newly Glassware

100% recycled. 100% the gift for sipping sustainably. Newly is a certified B Corp, which means they’re balancing passion, purpose, and profit—so rest assured, this is a gift that you can feel good about. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that elegant, elevated, and ethical all come together in the final result. The perfect gift for someone who loves to mix drinks with a little love for their guests (and Mother Nature too). We’ll toast to that.

  1. Our Place – Perfect Dinner Party Bundle

Is there someone on your list who is just dipping their spoons into the world of cooking and hosting? Or maybe someone who could use a kitchen upgrade? This gift is it. Cover their bases with four hand-painted, porcelain plates, just-the-right-size nesting bowls, and hand-blown stackable glasses. Plus, the do-it-all Always Pan (see our Smell post for more about this cult-favorite cooking star). This bundle is so organized, it’s as if the culinary gods collaborated with Marie Kondo herself. Get them stacked with the gift that will equip them to serve and savor countless memories to come.

We have a gift guide for every single one of the five senses – be sure to check them all out here, Gifting the Senses series

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