Gifting the Sense of Touch 

This may be the first time you are getting together for the holidays in quite a while – make sure you take in all of the feels. Tune into your senses and feel the warmth, joy, and love of the season whether you’re cuddling your partner or pet, or taking in a big hug from your parent or grandparent, or hanging out with friends, ‘tis the season to embrace the sense of touch. Here at EVJ, sensible gifting revolves around the five senses we use to enhance our everyday life

SenseForward is launching a Gifting Time of Year series that curates the perfect gifts based on each of the five senses: Touch, Taste, Smell, Sound, and Sight. First in the series are sensible gifts for touch. Your sense of touch helps you receive information about your internal and external environments. Aside from communicating and connecting with others, healing touch benefits circulation, immune function, and mental health. 

Gifting the sense of touch. Here are our top picks: 

  1. Bearaby Cotton Napper Weighted Blanket

We know it might seem a bit counterintuitive, but when it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders—sometimes the answer is literally more weight. But not the kind we create for ourselves. We’re talking about the carefully crafted, soothing, snug, weighted-blanket kind. Studies show that people report feeling less anxiety after lying under a 30-pound blanket—even for just 5 minutes. Who’s ready to take 5?

  1. Parachute Robe

Nothing says I care like the gift of self-care. Whether it’s getting ready for the day ahead or a good night’s sleep, the touch of the right robe against your skin can set the tone. Parachute’s are meticulously crafted and supremely comfortable. Treat them to a gift that keeps giving (and a robe they’ll keep wearing through their AM and PM routines).

  1. Patchology Moodpatch Chill Mode Eye Gels

Looking for a star stocking stuffer? Turn up the moisture and dial down the noise with these nourishing, plant-powered gels. These Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil-infused undereye gels are sure to receive high praise from your loved ones as the cooling sensation under their eyes begins to activate. And after a busy 2021, you might even just treat yourself. 

  1. NodPod Weighted Eye Mask

Turns out the science behind weighted blankets applies to your eyes too—and NodPod nailed it down with gentle pressure and an ultra-soft feel. They’re calling it a “hug for your head”, but we’re calling it a miracle. If there’s anyone in your life that might’ve lost a bit of sleep over you *cough* mom or dad, you might want to consider treating them to the shuteye of their dreams. 

  1. Feat Sweats

If there’s anything we learned in 2020 and beyond, it’s to never underestimate the power of sweatpants. And by now, we can all probably use a new, fashion-forward pair. Feat Sweats crafts theirs with a BlanketBlend fabric for a super soft, fluffy outside and smooth inside. Unlike weighted blankets, there’s not much science on sweats. But if you were to ask us, we think 10/10 legs prefer them. Give the gift of supreme comfort and set your loved ones up for a year as successful as it is soft and cozy. 

Next week, we’ll be sharing our favorite gifts for activating the sense of sight in our Gifting the Sense series. 

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