Own Your Space: Bathroom Talk

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You aren’t alone if you rush through your morning to get to work, and then by the time you get home, the last place you are probably spending your time is in your bathroom. Why is that? 

The bathroom is the one room where most of us start and end our day.

How you feel in your waking moments matters. How you feel as you go to sleep matters. Both can set the tone for your entire day. 

Pause for a moment and think about your morning and evening routines. 

Now, let’s talk about some simple ways to elevate your bathroom routines, creating your own little sensory sanctuary. 

Shower Moments: Time to turn that shower into your mini-spa. 

  • Add an all-natural scent creates an instant spa-like experience. Consider hanging dried eucalyptus from your shower head or adding a few drops of essential oil of your choosing to the shower nozzle just in the splash zone (caution: do not put the oils on the ground #slippery!).  
  • Set your mood with body oil. We were not believers until we started using Campo body oils from focus to energize to relax; they all effectively promote their intention. We especially love focus to begin our day – plus, they leave your skin glowing! 
  • Buy better soap. Yeah, we said it. You use your soap every day, so spend a little more to ensure the best quality experience. We love hitting up our local Credo to shop soap. The sell a fennel cardamon chia soap for example… tell us this isn’t better than your grocery store soap.
  • The add-on spa treatment is a must. Steam is GREAT for masks and different exfoliating treatments, and it only adds a couple of extra minutes to your routine. Not to go all PSL-season on you, but you have to try the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask (great all year).
  • Finish by drying off in a great towel – your skin will thank you. We are giving you permission to throw out those crusty towels you’ve had since college and invest in soft, lux towels. Parachute is notorious for its soft towels, and you can even buy them in bundles to make the towel swap of 2021 a breeze. 

We know that’s a lot to get started (but is it?)! Here are a couple more tips to turn your bathroom into a sanctuary. 

  • Consider the color – how does it make you feel? We are desperate to use nix to replicate our favorite travel colors in our bathrooms. If you can’t wait that long to get the color of your dream bathroom, try Clare paint which is designer curated paint.
  • Clean out the clutter – we know how free samples and unused products can stack up. The fact of the matter is even if you think “you might use it someday,” they have expiration dates. Clear out the dust collectors. 

Tell us about your bathroom routines (omit the dirty details) below. 

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