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Header image was created with colors of Greece captured by the Nix color sensor.

Recently, Marcelle Forsyth, a brand consultant and wanderlust, went on an incredible trip to Greece. Since finding SenseForward, she shares how this trip is different from her past trip there as she has heightened and renewed awareness of how her environment affects all five of her senses and ultimately her well-being. When she told us about her upcoming trip and knowing how beautiful Greece is, we sent her two products aimed at stimulating her sense of sight specifically.

  • Nocs were created for people that are stoked to seek the unseen, travel curiously, and discover the best spots along the way. These binoculars were built with great optics in a compact, rugged but super fashionable housing, and are at great price that won’t break the bank – an amazing addition to any trip global or local.
  • Nix is all about color and how it applies to your life. Their ultimate goal is to put the world of color in the palm of your hand. This little color sensor allows you to grab the color of anything around you. 
collage of photos of greece with striking blue skies

In 2013 I visited Greece for the first time as a college student. I was studying abroad in Paris and decided to spend spring break exploring Santorini and Mykonos with three friends, one who is still like a sister to me today. When I recall memories, I have flashes – mostly visual – of walking along the caldera, the leathery skin of the woman who ran a hostel I stayed at, my nylon black backpack I took everywhere, and the frustration of getting lost while trying to understand the local bus system. Some of my memories suspiciously blend with photographs I posted to Instagram, leaving me to question which incidents I remember organically, and which are fabricated with the help of social media scrolls. Memory is funny that way.

I know it’s only been three days but I am certain that memories from this trip will remain stronger, not because of time, but because I was cognizant and intentional about experiencing each day through my senses. I personally hate the saying, “stop to smell the flowers,” but it’s unfortunately a fantastic piece of advice. 

I remember the smell of the sheets I slept in, the different taste of honey from my New York cabinet versus the golden liquid I poured over yogurt last week. I also remember the slightly different intonations of popular Greek greetings, from one island to the next. When I left Santorini in 2013 I remembered the famous blue and white buildings that beautifully clutter the edge of town. 

Now, I’ll remember multiple shades of blue. I am 100% certain that there are multiple shades because I brought a gadget with me to identify the exact colors: Nix Digital Color Sensor. When I tell you this thing is wildly cool, I am not exaggerating. The black device is the size of a ping pong ball and weighs as much as a serving utensil. All I did was download an App, hold the sensor up to any object, and I was instantaneously presented with a serial number and codes signifying the exact color I’m looking at. #1C61B3, #27538F, and #006CAF are all “shades” of blue painted over Santorini domes – the image at the top is a gradient made with these three blues My creative brain loves that a tiny tool can capture and log colors to reference later. While I thought this might be a tool only an artist or designer might use, I am hooked and looking forward to bringing these blue hues and future colors into my own home whether it be paint, wallpaper, or something else I come up with! 

Since we’re on the topic of vision, it’s only appropriate to mention the chic binoculars I took with me to *gasp* have something other than a phone to zoom in on a scene. There I was last Wednesday, sitting at my pool, using the Nocs to look at puppies playing three streets over. Tell me that isn’t the highlight of all highlights. But seriously, I took these with me on a boat cruise around the island as well, and my friends took turns peering through them to see houses overlooking cliffs, donkeys, and beachgoers. I hadn’t considered how fun a pair of binoculars could be, but I fully intend to bring them out to the next rooftop bar in New York. I promise to be ethical, okay?

I could ramble on for ages about the many magical moments I experienced in Europe last week, but I still have one single frustration: To this day, I can’t for the life of me figure out that damn bus system. 

Looks like I’ll have to visit again.

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