The Act of Enjoying the Process

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What if just one day you took a moment to enjoy the process of some of the more daunting items on your to-do list? What would happen? 

Sometimes as we review our to-do list consisting of writing papers for class or proposals for work to doing the dishes when all you really want to do is go to bed, we procrastinate as the process feels daunting and uninspiring. You can actually change that! 

For one day, Emily David, a university student based in New York, approached some of her least favorite chores with a new attitude and found ways to enjoy the process by tuning into her five senses. 

I have to admit I was a little skeptical when I was asked to try “enjoying the process” of the things I procrastinate most. It is with full confidence that I can tell you that I do not look forward to the process of doing the dishes (ever!), so we can start there – challenge accepted.

I really didn’t think it was possible, but after taking a moment to be more intentional and awakening my senses I actually didn’t/don’t mind doing the dishes. Here’s what I found by performing the act of enjoying the process. 

  • Find the Right Time: Living with roommates can make the kitchen a crowded place. I’d often be squishing in to clear my plate and all I ever want to do is leave my dishes and eat in peace. What I’ve come to realize through this process is that the odds of them being in the kitchen late evening hours are low, so I started doing them then. Now, with the quiet (as quiet as NYC can be) of the night, they now become a relaxing act to do when my roommates are falling asleep. I love washing them in silence right before I go to bed, gathering my last thoughts of the day. Forcing myself to wash dishes at 2pm when I am in a rush versus before bed, it’s the same act. The difference is I changed the process to appeal more to my brain.
  • Elevate Your Cleaning Supplies: From the scent of the soap to the touch of your gloves it all can affect how you feel about the process. I added Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap (I love the Lavender one),which you can purchase through Grove, and it is a game changer! The scent hides the smell of the food and it has olive oil and aloe vera so it doesn’t dry out my hands. I also recommend using the Grove Cleaning Gloves. They are so easy to slip on and off and that way I’m not touching anything gross.
  • Get Comfortable: When I started doing this task (no longer a chore) in the evening I realized that I was also in more comfortable clothes like my feat hoodie and shorts. I was no longer pulling at my sleeves or dodging every little splash of water.

I found that these few little changes have made the process much more enjoyable. And for me, doing them in the evening creates an even better morning!

But I recognize that not everyone can or wants to do dishes in the late evening hours so here are a few other tips

  • Turn on Some Music: Try listening to music that’s positive and uplifting music like EVJ’s Vibrational Flows playlist that starts with a lower energy level, and by the end full of high vibrations. If you’re in a shared space, you can throw on our favorite Know Calm Headphones to tune all the way into the music and keep your roommates happy. 
  • Sip on Something Great: Associate your new task with one of your favorite beverages by rewarding yourself for a task well-done. I like to treat myself to a Sound Sparkling Water during dish time. 

Regardless of the chore, I’d recommend you take a moment and approach it with more intention through your five senses and see if you experience changes. I know mine sure did when it came to doing the dishes. 

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