Weekly Sense-Inspired Products: Your Grounding Space

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Continuing our story of morning and night routines, lets now talk about where that happens.  We call it the Grounding Space, your bedroom, bath.  

Over the past month, we talked a lot about morning and night routines, but what about the space where these routines occur? We like to call it the grounding space. Your bedroom and your bathroom are places where, through more intention, you can increase your awareness to your present self and ground yourself. 

That’s why it’s important to take a moment and look around these spaces…what do you see, smell, hear? What do you touch? And is there anything present activating your sense of taste? Are these positive or negative experiences as you tune into your sense in your grounding spaces? 

This week, we’ve curated sense-inspired products to make your bedroom the ultimate grounding destination. 

Avocado Organic Mattress

This mattress is spectacularly luxe and organic! As you lay down to prepare for a great night of rest your body will thank you as you’ll be supporting by 17 premium layers of organic and natural latex, wool, silk, help, and cotton combines with up to 3,136  individually pocketed coils arranged in five zones for support and motion isolation.

Parachute Bluff Stacked Nightstand

A beautiful little table you’ll love to look at now and keep forever. Inspired by the bluffs of Big Sur, this wooden nightstand features contoured sides for a clean, soft silhouette. Featuring a push-to-open bottom drawer for storage, its symmetrical stacked design provides a sense of balance to your bedroom.

Jenni Kayne Pacific Bed

In talking with our staff and community, one thing was clear: nobody regretted investing in a great bed for their most important room. The Pacific Bed is easy to assemble and even easier to love. It is a timeless bed that’s crafted using sustainably-grown Belgian flax linen that will keep your sense of touch and sight happy for years to come.

Clare Paint

This paint will bring the ultimate “chill,” because let’s face it we all need  a moment to relax. Chill is a  soft, cool, barely there gray with a slightly green undertone, which exudes a light, airy, and calming effect – an excellent antidote to a long day. And as we like to ask What is your grounding color. Also, we love this eco-friendly, woman-owned company which took the hassle out of paint shopping!

Design Within Reach Nelson Ball Lotus Table Lamp

Description Light up to ground down with the perfect lamp for your nightstand. With their steel infrastructures and translucent plastic-polymer shades, George Nelson’s Bubble Lamps combine ingenuity with material innovation. This lamp provides a welcoming warmth and glow to your bedroom of product from the content document.

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