Transitions: City Life Post-Pandemic

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Well, here we are. Mid-August and enjoying our last weeks of long days and warm nights, while mentally preparing ourselves to return to “school mode” or commute to the office (remember those?). As we cling to summer nostalgia and contemplate what the next phase of our COVID-friendly routine will look like, the big mood here at EVJ is to find joy and be our best selves within the boundaries that keep us safe and healthy. 

These last two years have changed our lives tremendously – especially if you live in a major metropolitan city! So, after chatting with a few of our SenseForward team members in Chicago and New York City we compiled a quick list of hot tips because, you know, let’s keep it simple, right?

What we’re using that activates our five senses:

  • Best mask for commuting in the heat while still looking #cute: Let’s face it (ha), masks are still in, even with the vaccine, and especially on the subway. We love the KES Silk mask because of the comfortable, breathable material and sleek look. The best part? It’s antimicrobial, so if you’re prone to breakouts it may help prevent or minimize maskne. Extra points for being washable.
  • Hand sanitizer we’re bringing everywhere: Grove Lavender hand sanitizer is soft on the hands, smells fresh, and we appreciate the calming effects of lavender. It’s subtle but effective. 
  • Must-have accessory for spending time outside: If you live in a big city like New York and spend part of your day commuting, walking to class, and staying out for several hours at a time, you know the real pain of getting caught in unexpected rain right before dinner…or at dinner. “My blunt umbrella has saved me so many times, and what I love most is that it’s sleek, lightweight, is a fun bright color, and super chic. I don’t mind bringing it around because it won’t weigh me down and feels like an accessory,” says SenseForward member Marcelle. “I’ve gone through so many umbrellas and this has outlasted the high winds and pouring rain that broke my previous ones.” It also drops into the Cuyana tote perfectly when you need to pop into a store or restaurant. Having a comfortable and durable tote bag makes all the difference, and the Cuyana tote bags are simple yet stylish totes made by women for women!
  • Favorite earbuds for remote work: Until we’re fully back in the office environment everyday, we’ll be taking our calls from home, on a walk, the park, etc. Move over Apple, because the Know Headphones have won us over. Both models (we prefer the Comfy) offer gorgeous sound, touch controls, noise cancellation settings, and an elevated look…need we say more? We will. The Comfy earbuds are soft and actually stay in our ears without slipping. When stepping foot outside, it’s important to feel comfortable in your environment. So, make a call, listen to the SenseForward Summer Vibes playlist or turn on a podcast and be on your way!
  • Heat-and-subway-approved makeup palette: City people are busy people. We don’t have time for unnecessary stress or discomfort on our face. Who else has experienced the makeup-melt after walking in heat, or while commuting with a mask? We love Charlotte Tilbury’s The Look of Love kit. The perfect, compact size makes it super easy to bring anywhere and touch up your makeup on the go! To go with the amazing palette, is the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Gloss in Walk of No Shame. Sheer, smooth, and has a slight tingle, creating the perfect lip gloss! “I spend so much time doing makeup and bringing a ton of product for touch ups during the day,” says SenseForward member, Isabella. “This palette helps me cut my time significantly and takes up little space in my bag – obsessed! Combining it with the lip gloss is the perfect finishing touch. Can’t wait to bring the Charlotte Tilbury palette and gloss on my future trips!”

What senses are you bringing with you out and about in your city?

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