Transitions: Conquer Your Summer Bucket List Before Heading Back to School

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… And just like that, we’re halfway through summer. 

It feels like we entered the season with so many plans – a summer bucket list of all of the places to visit, people to see, and goals to accomplish. Well, let us say, if you did absolutely nothing, that’s okay! 

If you are like us and feel like summer is flying by, don’t worry; there are still a few weeks left to prep for your big transition back to campus (in person!). We’re going to focus on your five senses and give you tips to feel like you conquered your summer bucket list (trust us, you did more than you think) without the pressure.

Let’s use these final days of summer to get your senses right.  

  • Start establishing a morning routine. Try waking up a little earlier each day and turn on your Vitruvi diffuser – we especially love their sweet water blend which smells like summer and increases our energy for the day – puts us in a good mindset! We get it, mornings can be tough, a cup of Jolt coffee gives us an extra boost. 
  • Digest information by starting with something amusing like a podcast. Priorities take up a lot of time during our day, turning to Jenna Palek’s podcast Fun on Weekdays, inspires us to still do entertaining things during the week. Why wait for the weekend to have fun?!
  • Cook – kind of ;): Want to feel like an iron chef? One of our favorite things to do during the week is whip up a great meal with Sunbasket and on days where we can’t be bothered, we treat ourselves to a nice meal out in the city. Isabella was just spotted dining at Topo Gigio, a phenomenal Italian restaurant in Chicago – comfort food on max. 
  • Use a planner to get organized: Get used to being organized by starting with summer activities and seamlessly transition to school activities. We are obsessing over the Golden Coil planner. It’s the perfect customizable planner to be unique to you and will help you conquer your bucket list activities today and your school schedule tomorrow!
  • Get away: There is still a little time left to get out of town and relax, from road tripping to air travel we have the recs. All we can stress is to pack the SPF, Kinfield Daily Dew SPF, and plastic-free water bottle, Bkr

We feel satisfied already! What’s on your bucket list? 

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