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As temperatures dip lower, we at SenseForward fantasize about where we can escape to warm up this fall and winter. Now that borders are re-opening, you can find us scrolling through travel blogs to spot our next destination (let us know where you want to go!) and mentally preparing our packing list.

Recently, one of our team members attended a wedding in Guadalajara, Mexico, and shared some of her favorite sensory experiences and go-to products.

  • Taste: Many of us agree that experiencing new cuisines is one of the greatest aspects of traveling abroad. Mexican food is loved by most, but let me tell you, it is an absolute delight to taste authentic dishes that we may have already tried in the US. Be prepared to be blown away by the authentic flavors and preparation as they hit your tastebuds. 

    From scratch-made sauces and tortillas, you can taste the variety across regions. Smelling, feeling, and tasting a warm tortilla right out of the oven is a treat for the senses. The ingredients may be simple: corn (masa harina), salt, warm water, and oil for frying. But the product is most certainly not. Testing your palette with salsas – mild to HOT with a bit of tortilla is not fun and a real culinary experience. By channeling each of the senses while tasting made the meal more memorable and delicious.
  • Touch: Does anyone not prioritize comfort when traveling via plane? Spending multiple hours in a cramped seat calls for versatility. The Feat blanketblend sweatset checks two boxes: stylish outerwear and a wearable blanket. For those early morning flights especially, when you’re still half asleep and miss your bed, this outfit is an absolute gem. We also love that the sweatshirt and pants launder well and remain just as soft even after a few washes. Must-have loungewear = unlocked.
  • Smell: Sleep habits and routines can get disrupted when traveling. The Campo travel diffuser is a game-changer when it comes to setting the wind-down mood in your room. We love its small, sleek black body and USB compatibility. Add 5-10 drops of essential oil and water to transform your space – we travel with a few oils to wake up, focus, wind down, or just make our clothing (and ourselves) smell pleasant. You might also consider the travel size diffuser for a small city apartment or college dorm. Let us know if you’ve used it and what your favorite scent is!
  • Sight: We have to rave about our new favorite travel gadget, the Nix color sensor. It’s light and small, and the accompanying App couldn’t be easier to use. Touch the Nix color sensor to any surface or object and see the exact code and shade within seconds. We like logging our favorite colors while exploring new places to keep track of what we saw, and collect samples for future art projects or decor. Technology has enabled us to specify the exact shade of the turquoise tile lining dining tables at Hotel Solar de las Animas – how incredible. We’re thinking about what walls we can paint the exact shades of our favorite new memories when we return home from trips. 
  • Sound: Circling back to the topic of sleep because we know how essential it is for functioning at your best! A few of us at EVJ started listening to the Snooz white noise machine during sleep, and we’re never going back to straight silence. White noise masks environmental noise (think outside traffic, wind, barking, chatter, etc.) and sets a constant state of consistent sound. Not only does it aid in better sleep, but it can help you stay asleep longer. And if used routinely before bedtime, it can help train your brain to recognize when it’s time to sleep. We could go on about the benefits of white noise, but you’ll have to trust us on this one – the Snooz machine is portable, light, and essential for us on any trip. 

What travel destination is on your list for this coming year? What do you bring along? Let us know in the comments section and keep following for more recommendations.

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