Weekend Vibes: An Added Day Means the Girls will Play

Two women laying on funboy inflatable floats on the beach
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While every day brings new opportunities to thrive from the inside out, we find that weekends give us more time to hone in our intended vibe. This series explores different levels of energy vibrations and curates collections that are based on stimulating your five senses to enhance your environment and connect you to you each weekend.

With a three-day weekend upon us, we are shooting for high-vibes. Below we’ve curated our favorite products for the weekend carefully selected to activate each sense.

Sight – Friends & Family: As more and more people become vaccinated our favorite sight of this weekend will be seeing our friends and family in-person. We encourage you to do the same, following all CDC guidelines to stay safe.

Sound – Know Headphones: The comfort of great headphones with the sounds of summer – you can’t beat it. Crank up your favorite songs and unwind this weekend.

Taste – BRK Water Bottles: There is nothing better than sippin’ h2o from a glass bottle that is both functional and beautiful.

Touch – Fanboy Inflatable Float: Weather permitting, dipping your fingers and toes in water while you float on these fun rafts is sure to elevate your being.

Smell – Ellis Brooklyn Salt Perfume: One spray automatically transports you to being on the beach. Sense of smell is closely linked to emotion so we love the travel size so that we can boost our feeling in a moments notice.

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