Weekend Vibes: Back to the Office

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As many are starting to get those notifications that it’s time to head back into the office, we figured we’d spend this weekend prepping for office life again. So much has changed over the past 18 months, including our wardrobes – so they’re saying we have to put real pants on again?

Unfortunately, those matching tie-dye sweatsuits that were trending won’t cut it for back-to-office style. If you are like us and looked at your wardrobe, and we mean really looked at it, after 18 months, you might be asking, “what the heck did we use to wear IRL?” Nothing seems to be the right style anymore.

Do I  brush the dust off the blazer and pair it with jeans?
What about a skirt and blouse?
Any footwear?!

Grab your squad and tackle your updated work look this weekend with these tips to look and feel great (through your five senses).

A few other suggestions to bring your best work-self back to life:

The first day will be a significant change, don’t forget to unwind when you get home. Consider having lavender in your Vitruvi diffuser, relieving any muscle tension with the Prima renewal stone, put on some soothing music – Calm app has a great options, and drift away with your Nod eye mask.

You’ve got this lady!

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