Weekend Vibes: Feel the Heat

woman in vitamin a swimsuit in pool about waist deep
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It’s July, and we can feel the temperatures rising – well above average! At SenseForward, we’re ready so bring on the heat. Seasons can trigger memories, so it’s no wonder this heatwave always brings a little retro vibe to us…the simple pleasures of summer and memories of being at home, playing in the yard, or having neighbors over.

With scorching heat in the forecast this weekend, we are staying close to home. You’ll catch us lounging in our Vitamin A swimsuit, which we love for its fit and sustainability. With our hair pulled back out of our face with a Lela Sadoughi headband and dipping our feet in our new FunBoy Euro Resort kiddie pool (it’s not just for kids!), we are channeling the cool (literally) vibes! Don’t forget to invite the neighbors over to fill the air with many laughs and positive energy.

BEV Rose is so refreshing for those needing an afternoon beverage, and what can we say? We are partial to the name! If you’re seeking a non-alcoholic alternative, we love the Sound Sparkling Water with bubbles for the body, mind, and spirit.

If you’re still a little warm and ready to relax, bring out your Blue Ice Globes from Aceology – they are not just for beauty!

Now that’s what we call beating the heat—the perfect day filled with the tingling of all of your senses (taste, touch, sight, smell, and sound).

The night is still hot, but for us, we continue to stay cool with the Eucalypso sheets, our new portable fan by Breville, called the POP fan, and laying back with our Chill Eye Mask from Patchology.

What’s your go-to for a hot summer day and night ?!

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