Weekend Vibes: Girls-Only Cocktail Hour

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Last weekend, we were Summer vibin’ at the pool with our BKR water bottle, Know Headphones, Funboy raft, and Ellis Brooklyn salt perfume! This weekend, we’re going for girls-only cocktail vibes!

SenseForward is all about interacting with our environment through our five senses. The feeling of joy, excitement, and fun can be influenced by what you are smelling, seeing, and other senses.

Whether for happy hour or brunch, getting a cool vibe is quick and easy. We’re here for the Naadam knit top and pants with the Rothy’s sandal. Add style with the Lack of Color bucket hat, and you’re ready! For us, this evokes joy and confidence through touch with the cozy texture yet stylish knit outfit! And don’t forget the fresh scent of Phlur for the sense of smell.

And these companies and products don’t just look and feel good; they embody EVJ values of being made with intention, are innovative, and inclusive. 

Learn more about the brands we like below: 

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