Weekend Vibes: It’s a Celebration

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At SenseForward, we’re about empowering you to be your best self. While the July 4th weekend is about gathering with friends and family to celebrate our country’s independence, we encourage you to leave time to celebrate you. Embrace all that you are – The Independent you! What does your self-celebration look like?  

Is it sipping a cup of tea relaxing while reading your favorite book? We love the Breville The Tea Maker for the aroma of a flavored tea and the “brewing” sounds of it being made. The book we’re currently reading is by Rebecca Minkoff. Fearless. The New Rules for Unlocking Creativity, Courage and Success. 

Or is it the tingling sensation of dry brushing from head to toe? To leaving your skin smooth and you feeling invigorated, we suggest trying the Campo Dry Brush. 

Or is it grabbing your Bala weights and taking a brisk walk or hopping on your Linus Bike and riding along the Lakefront. 

Whatever way you choose to celebrate YOU we’re right here celebrating with you. 

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