Weekend Vibes: Me Time

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So far, this Summer has been filled with hanging out with friends and family. Now, it’s time to recharge and have some me time! 

This weekend, we are encouraging you to kick back and focus on yourself – recharge those batteries. 

Here’s how to focus and relax through your five senses: 

  • Sense of Smell: Add a few drops of the soothing scent of lavender essential oil into your diffuser. We love the Vitruvi diffuser as it’s the perfect mix of style and function. 
  • Sense of Touch: Throw on the ultra-soft Feat sweatshirt and cuddle under the Bearaby weighted blanket to get comfy. The sense of touch is powerful in connecting back to yourself. 
  • Sense of Sound: Have you tried the Calm app yet? We love the soothing rhythms of nature. 
  • Sense of Taste: In the morning, consider pulling out that Vitamix to make a healthy blended fruit smoothing that tastes great and restores your nutrients! 
  • Sense of Sight: Now grab your Bala weights and Brentwood yoga mat, and visualize the strong and confident you!

SenseForward lives a sensory lifestyle thriving through our five senses every day. 

Explore today, evolve always.

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