Weekend Vibes: Ready, Set, Travel.

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If you are like us, you are ready to travel again. As we head back to airports, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with emotion. There’s excitement about going someplace new, anxiety about re-entering an environment that was deemed unsafe just a couple of months ago, and curiosity of what is the new normal for travel. 

After a weekend in New York, we want to share our travel go-to’s for grounding ourselves – not planes – using our five senses. So as you enter those buzzing airports and find your seat on the full flight, enjoy and take it all in through your five senses with these must-haves. 

Packing a carry-on was never made easier nor more stylish than with the Away Bigger Carry-On bag. Its sleek design and optimal functionality will have you smoothly gliding through the airport.  

Don’t sacrifice style for comfort by showing up for your flight in Naadam’s cashmere top and crop pants paired with the best travel show, Rothy’s sneakers. 

There are still a few safety protocols we have to follow. Rothy’s makes a mask that is sustainable and stylish that sure to keep you germ-free. We love Grove’s lavender hand sanitizer for flights because it disinfects while keeping you calm and relaxed. 

To continue the relaxed travel vibe, don’t forget to bring your weighted eye mask from NodPod along with your Know earbuds if you want to doze off. 

We have one more pro-tip for you; bring your refillable BKR bottle. There are water dump and refill stations at most airports! 

There’s no reason not to enjoy the journey as much as the destination! 

Okay, so let us know where you’re off to this Summer! 

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