Weekend Vibes: Wind on Your Skin

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For us, nothing beats Summer. The opportunities to activate all of the five senses are endless. From the smell of family cookouts to the feeling of sun and wind against your skin to sounds of friends laughing and having a great time to seeing the bright colors of flowers in full bloom to the taste of fresh-squeezed lemonade, we take advantage of being outside. 

This weekend, we’re grabbing our Tesalate beach towel, hopping on our Linus bike. It’s a great way to take in all of the sights on our way to find a shady tree to relax under. You know that tunes and accessories are always on lock – we’re vibing to our new Spotify playlists all weekend long while wearing our Missoma necklace

You’re probably seeing more people on bikes these days as it’s not just for exercise anymore, but rather it’s a fun and sustainable way to get around. In cities, people are biking to work more and also taking them to get out of town for the day – exploring and relaxing through scenic countrysides. 

We love the Linus bike. The bike itself is a sensory experience! 

  • The touch of the smooth metal handlebars and the softness of the seat. 
  • The sight of the baby blue. 
  • The whirling sound of the tires. 

But it’s the sights and sounds you take in while on your biking adventure that makes the memories. Take it all in. 

Let’s talk more about the brands we like: 

While you’re here, don’t forget to check out our Spotify playlists perfect for Summer. Emily David, an EVJ community member, will create EverlyJams for us while she is home from college. Summer Vibes I will give you all of the confidence for a fun summer, while Summer Vibes II will send you into the perfect relaxing state. 

Cheers to living your best life. 

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